Our corporate finance service includes project management of the entire investment process on behalf of each client. For most of our clients, the task of raising funds is a huge step into the unknown: it’s our job at DC Consulting to steer you through and make the process as smooth and effective as possible.

Putting a sound business plan together is step one. Once that is completed, we will use our expertise and contacts to identify the best-fit investors for your business and co-ordinate the full process.

We’ll establish contact with potential investors and take them through the business plan, organising investor presentations with those who express an interest. Our track record to date is one of quickly identifying and opening doors to the investors who want to talk – saving everyone time and increasing the opportunities for successful deals. Clients rely on us as robust and creative negotiators when it comes to valuations, ensuring alternative strategies to increase valuation are pursued.

As well as negotiating on your behalf with the investor, we’ll co-ordinate the due diligence process and – once agreement is reached – we can also provide additional input, when required, with the legal process of preparing and negotiating the terms of the Investment Agreement.

It all adds up to a service that is second to none: professional and personal, and designed for success.