The business planning process is the first crucial step in fund raising: the business plan will be the starting point for any potential funder. Therefore, DC Consulting works with each client to ensure that their business plan and financial projections are robust and designed to meet all necessary requirements for potential founders.

We believe a truly effective business plan is achieved by completing a number of critical steps:

  • Careful evaluation and examination of the project
  • Completion of due diligence on the business model
  • Thorough analysis of financial projections

Only when this work is completed can a well-founded business plan be completed, and an accurate valuation of the business made. At that point we work with each client to develop an optimal funding model, designed to deliver what the business, its directors and its funders need.

Along the way we also provide advice on tax structure where this is applicable, and review the potential Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) position, making an advance application for EIS clearance if necessary.

It’s a matter of pride to us that this whole process is completed in a way that makes sense to our clients and puts them in the strongest position possible to move their business forward.