When considering any acquisition or disposal activity, whether MBO, MBI or business disposal, you need to have confidence that your advisers not only have extensive experience of similar transactions, but that they are also committed to achieving the results you require.

Although these types of transactions have similarities, in our experience each one is different, with differing pressure points which, in turn, can be crucial to a successful deal.

The Corporate Finance team at DC Consulting has a breadth of experience of these types of transactions.  They utilise their expertise to ensure that key points are identified at an early stage and that the solution is in line with your original goals.

Key considerations include:

  1. What is the optimal structure for the deal i.e. will it be a sale/purchase of the shares of the company or just the trade and assets?
  2. What are the tax consequences of the proposed structure?
  3. What level of financial and taxation due diligence is required for this type of deal?
  4. How will the proposed deal be funded and does the funding package provide a sufficient level of working capital for the business going forward?
  5. Are the proposed levels of gearing realistic?
  6. When is the optimal time for the sale to commence and can you groom the business to improve the ultimate sales price?
  7. What is the value of the business?

We work with you to ensure that these general questions – and those specific to your business – are addressed, and the best package developed.