Our hands-on approach to all corporate transactions provides us with the in-depth knowledge to satisfy each client, with a creative range of alternative structures and strategies, we can then go on to complete the deal to the best possible timescale. To date, we have built up considerable specialist experience in the area of early stage equity investment and entrepreneurial finance and have a close working relationship with LINC Scotland, the Scottish Angel Capital Association.

Each step of the way, the DC Consulting team is on-side, providing the depth and level of input you need to make the right decisions. Clients appreciate our detailed understanding of their business model, ensuring the funding approach is meticulously appraised and prepared.

Our team offers a full range of Corporate Finance Services inclusive of:

Our comprehensive service ensures that, from the moment we start working with you, every aspect of the deal is considered and the best advice offered to meet your specific needs. Many clients also remain with DC Consulting for post-investment advice, taking advantage of our further services:

  • Post deal integration
  • Specialist tax advisory services
  • Ongoing non-executive financial support
  • Review of actual performance against budgeted performance
  • Advice on cash position and cash burn rate

If you require further information at any time contact us