RSA Grant Aid for Growing Companies

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Do you want to access grant support of circa £10,000 per new head via Regional Selective Assistance? If your company fits with the above criteria, a Regional Selective Assistance grant against project costs may be available to your company; the average grant awarded over the 2 years to March 2013 has been circa £10,000 per head.

Scottish Enterprise currently operates the Regional Selective Assistance (“RSA”) Grant Scheme whereby companies looking to create new jobs and invest in capital expenditure to increase their revenues may be eligible for support.

The scheme is set to change in 2014; it is possible that companies who qualify for the current scheme will no longer be eligible to apply. Any companies applying for RSA grant support before the end of 2013 are expected to be assessed under the existing grant scheme.

DC Consulting maintains an excellent record with Scottish Enterprise and has an established track record in securing RSA Grants on be behalf of its clients.

To qualify, a project must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Take place in Scotland within an assisted area
  • Directly create or safeguard jobs;
  • Not be offset by job losses elsewhere in the UK;
  • Involve an element of capital investment e.g. Plant & Machinery or Equipment;
  • Be financially viable;
  • Be mainly funded from the private sector;
  • Must be able to demonstrate that your project needs RSA to proceed as planned;
  • Other funding options have been explored i.e. RSA Funding seen as a last resort